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  • Equipment and Facilities

    All rooms (WS, Tutorial and Technical Conference) are equiped with a video projector and an overhead transparencies projector.

    The main conference room of AIPS (Cassiopée) will also be equiped with a PC connected to the video projector. This PC runs Windows 2000 and has a CD Rom as well as a floppy disk . Presenters who want to use this PC should come with a floppy or a CD Rom and copy their presentation on the PC in advance. In any case, to avoid delays due to machine setup between presentations, presenters are strongly encouraged to test their equipment /setup before hand (during the pause, or before the session).

    An ADSL Internet connection will be available and an Internet room (Daurat, Level 3) will be set with the following equipment:

    The internet room (Daurat, Level 3) will open around noon on the 22nd and will then be open from 8:30 to 18:30 until the 27th.

    People with particular equipment requirements should get in touch with the local committee ( as soon as possible.

    Venue and Maps

    The conference and associated workshops/tutorials will take place at the Pierre Baudis Convention Center (Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis), downtown Toulouse. (1 on the map)

    Pierre Baudis Convention Center (Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis)
    11, esplanade Compans Caffarelli
    31000 Toulouse
    Tél. + (33) 05 62 30 40 40
    Fax. + (33) 05 62 30 41 41

    The Toulouse city hall site has lot of maps at various resolutions.

    The Pierre Baudis Convention Center has some maps too.


    Weather in Toulouse

    The current and forecasted weather in Toulouse can be found here, on Meteo France web site.



    How to get to...

    Check this page (Toulouse tourism office) or this page (Pierre Baudis how to get to Toulouse page), they have it all...

    Miscellaneous Links

    Link to the Toulouse Tourist Office

    Link to the Toulouse City Hall


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