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AIPS'02 registration 530 Euros (after April, 5th )


+ Euros
If you applied for a scholarship, specify here which one (NASA, AAAI, PLANET)
People registering to both KR'02 and AIPS'02 get a 50 Euros discount.
Check this box if you registered to KR'02.
( -50€)

AIPS'02 Workshops and Tutorials Participation
Registration to workshops and tutorials is included in the AIPS'02 registration. However, there is a space limit for these events, so please check explicitly the workshops and/or tutorials you want to attend.
Registration to tutorials are accepted on a first come first served basis.
Registrations to workshops are also accepted on a first come first served basis, but may be subject to workshop organizers approval (please check with them).
Multiple registrations to parallel events are not allowed.


none WS-Tu1 WS-Tu2 WS-Tu3 TUT-Tu-1-2
Tuesday 23/04
  none WS-We1 WS-We2 WS-We3 TUT-We1
Wednesday 24/04

For the two tutorials on Tuesday morning and afternoon,
please select either one or both.

Diet and Invoice
(Sorry, but due to capacity limitation, we cannot accept new registrations for accompanying person to the banquet and to the "aperitif and museum visit")

We will try, whenpossible, to accomodate vegetarian diet,
check this box if you are vegetarian.

If you need an invoice for your registration to AIPS'02, check the following box

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  2. Print it, then fill and sign the "means of payment" section (if you have troubles printing it, you may print a blank PDF version).
  3. Fax it to: +(33) 5 61 80 81 75
    Mme Sylvie Barrouquère
    AIPS 2002 Registration

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