Registration to AIPS'02


A unique registration gives access to all AIPS'02 events:

It is required for participation to any of them.
Please check explicitly the workshops and/or tutorials you are registering to. There is a space limit for these events. Registrations to tutorials are accepted on a first come first served basis. Registrations to workshops are also accepted on a first come first served basis, but may be subject to workshop organizers approval (please check with them). Multiple registrations to parallel events are not allowed.

Registration includes:

Normal registration price : 401.34 Euros + VAT (19.6%) = 480 Euros

Late registration after April 5th: 426.12 Euros + VAT (19.6%) = 530 Euros

Students: no reduced registration price is being proposed, but many scholarships which cover part of registration fees and travel costs are available.

Due to capacity limitation, we cannot accept new registrations for accompanying person to the banquet and to the "aperitif and museum visit".

People registering to both KR and AIPS will get a discount of 50 Euros on AIPS registration fees.

Transport and accommodation are not included in the registration fees.

Means of payment
Payments are to be made without charges to the beneficiary, to the order of ADERMIP.

  • Credit card (VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD only, sorry no American Express).
    Fill in the details of your card at the bottom of the printed registration form, sign it and faxt it (see bellow).
  • Bank Transfer to:
    Bank code : 10268
    Office : 02504
    Account number : 127195000200
    RIB key : 49
    Domiciliation : TOULOUSE REMUSAT
    IBAN (International Bank Account Number) : FR76 1026 8025 0412 7195 0020 049
    Transfer should be made net of all bank charges and commission (the amount we get at the end should be the amount you have to pay).
    Please make sure the transfer data contains your name as filled in the registration and "AIPS".
    A copy of the bank transfer order should be posted or faxed together with the registration form.
  • Bon de commande (for members of french public institutions)
    les bons de commande doivent porter le cachet de l'organisme, être signés par l'ordonnateur, et libellés à l'ordre de ADERMIP. Le bon de commande doit être joint au formulaire d'inscription. (Les montants ci-dessus comprennent une TVA de 19,6%)
  • How to register

    1. Proceed to the electronic registration page (but finish reading this one before).
    2. Fill the required information, and click (once) on register.
      (you will receive a confirmation by e-mail )
    3. Print the page which appeared after you click register (you may also print a blank PDF version), and fill and sign the "means of payment" section.
    4. Fax it to: +(33) 5 61 80 81 75
      or send it to:
      Mme Sylvie Barrouquère
      AIPS 2002 Registration
      3, Avenue Didier Daurat - 31400 Toulouse, France
      Phone: +(33) 5 62 47 49 89
    5. When your payment has been accepted (Credit Card) or has arrived (Bank Transfer), you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

    You are then registered.

    Note: The information that you will provide on the electronic registration form will also be used to produce conference-related items like badges, an alias to e-mail last-minute information, etc... This database will only be kept as long as it is needed for AIPS 2002.

    We hope we will have a successful AIPS'02 and that you will enjoy your stay in Toulouse. If you have a query or if you have any problems registering, please send a message to the alias

    Proceed to the Electronic Registration Page


    Refunds of 80% will be made upon written requests received before April 15st, 2002. No refunds will be made for cancellation, without good reason, after this date.

    All amounts refund will be net of any charge induced (bank transfer fees, etc).

    Comments on the WEB site to : Félix Ingrand

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